#WorkingClass Tax Returns

It's fantastic that so many candidates have released their tax returns, even if a certain someone won't.

But you know what?

How many of those returns are relatable to the average American, the #WorkingClass or even upper middle class??? There are some millionaires in there, even ones who claim to be for the #WorkingClass...

But guess who IS #WorkingClass as well as being FOR the #WorkingClass?
Take a gander at some #WorkingClass tax returns!

The following are official IRS transcripts for the last 5 years (that is as far back as the IRS has online – I will request additional years via mail)...

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

*Now, I do want to add an extra layer of transparency, that of benefits (which tax returns – mine AND others' – don't reflect...): like many of #ThePeople, I am not fortunate enough to own my own home; however, one benefit of my job is that it provides residence.

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  • Michael Puskar
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