A little bit about me...

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Bring Positive Change to Maryland and the US!

This is YOUR campaign!
While I am the person running for office, this campaign belongs to all of #ThePeople of Maryland.

While it's nice to hear people say they're "with me' (such as #ImWithHim), I want you to know that more importantly I am with YOU!

One thing you should know about me off-the-cuff that makes me different and thus a better representative of #ThePeople is that I am a working class man.

[This page is continuously being updated... Hey, I'm writing up all of this on my own (no spin doctors or PR mouthpieces) and I have a "9-to-5" job! In the meanwhile, to learn more about me, please visit me @mbpuskar on most social media to learn more (Facebook & Twitter links are on this page; I'm also on IG & LinkedIn).]

Here are some hashtags you can use (feel free to suggest some as well!):

  • #HesWithMe
  • #Puskar2018
  • #WorkingManForTheWorkingClass
  • #ForThePeople
  • #ChildrenFirst
  • #MustLoveDogs

Silhouette from a picture of Cuddles, a Puskar family dog

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